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OIL SORBENT SHEET แผ่นซับน้ำมัน (แผ่น)

OIL SORBENT SHEET แผ่นซับน้ำมัน (แผ่น)


แผ่นซับน้ำมัน (แผ่น) 

Made from specifically treated polypropylene microfibers and ideal for emergency spill and daily clean-up of oils with no-sweeping or shoveling required. Less time is required to use and dispose of these materials. They are available in sheets, rolls, booms and assorted sets in drum containers.

These absorbent sheets soak up oil and gasoline but repel water. Absorb from 13 to 25 times their own weight of oil. Great for bilges, engine rooms or petrochemical spills. Also work great for waxing and polishing!

  • Use indoors or outdoors, on land or water,Absorbs oil, diesel, gas, petroleum and fuel.Only absorbs oil and fuels, not water.Absorbs and retains oils and oil-based liquids without taking in a drop of water

SIZE: 400x 450 x 2 mm.


IMPA CODE: 232510

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