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Azimuth Circles (เข็มทิศแม่เหล็ก)

Azimuth Circles (เข็มทิศแม่เหล็ก)


1. Determine the orientation and angle of the target for navigation.
2. The azimuth ring is made of diamagnetic brass and has stable performance.
3. The aiming device includes an aiming hole, an aiming frame, a mirror, a reading prism, a horizontal bubble, etc.
4. The solar observer includes a concave mirror, a triangular prism, a horizontal bubble, and the like.
5. High accuracy, long service life, product quality is worthy of your trust.


Condition: 100% Brand New
Item Type: Marine Compass
Color: Shown as Picture
Material: Diamagnetic Brass
Model: GFC-165
Deviation: ≤12 cents
Inner Diameter: Approx. 22mm/0.87in
Weight: Approx. 1.6kg/3.53lb
Horizontal Bubble Sensitivity: tilt 20 points, hourly bubble movement ≮ 2mm

Scale: Approx. 165mm/6.5in

Package List:

1 x Magnetic Compass Azimuth
2 x Instruction Manual
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