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8 Strand Poplypropalene Mono-fiament hawser

8 Strand Poplypropalene Mono-fiament hawser

Marine rope

We offer ropes all In full accordance with the mooring requirements of major ports in the world, we provide high-quality ropes that fully meet the mooring requirements, because we know that more than 200 ports have special requirements for mooring, the cable does not meet the requirements, will not let you berthing, the cable length, certificate, diameter, appearance, etc., also depends on your use time, especially the length, diameter, All have the potential to disrupt the berthing of ships.

A polypropylene 3, 4 and 8 strand co-polymer rope possess all the attributes of a standard polypropylene rope but with the advantage of enhanced abrasion resistance and a significantly increased breaking load making for an economical option to staple PP and polyamides.

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