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Inner Rubber Fire Hose 9BAR (สายดับเพลิง)

Inner Rubber Fire Hose 9BAR (สายดับเพลิง)


PVC Inner Rubber Fire Hose

PVC Inner Rubber Fire Hose is used to transport high-pressure water or foam and other flame retardant liquids. PVC Inner Rubber Fire Hose is lined with rubber and wrapped with linen fabric. Both ends of the fire hose have metal joints, which can be connected to another hose to extend the distance or to the nozzle to increase the liquid injection pressure.

● Material/color of jacket:PP/White         

● Material/color of liner :PVC/White

● Working pressure:9 BAR                       

● Inside diameter:40/50/65MM

● Length :15/20/30MTRS

● Application : Firefighting,Industry,Marine

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